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Porter Pictures proudly announces RECORDING IN PROGRESS is the "Gold Record" of Music Documentaries

(for immediate release)

Porter Pictures is proud to announce the premiere of the red hot new music documentary, RECORDING IN PROGRESS, via Gravitas Ventures, which will be made available across all platforms this month.

From the deaths of Borders Books and Blockbuster Video to Radio Shack and Circuit City, to the rise of current powerhouses like ITunes, E-books, Netflix, and Amazon, new technology has disrupted how we consume media over the past 10 or 12 years like never before.  No surprise that the book, movie, TV, news, and music industries have seen their long-established and profitable business models turned upside down in the same decade.  How will they stay in business -- and how does this affect the artists, and the art forms, that we love?

RECORDING IN PROGRESS unlocks the doors to the music studios to play back what all of this means for the future of the people who make the sounds we love, and we fans who want to listen to and enjoy them.  Not since STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF MOTOWN and THE WRECKING CREW has a documentary painted as clear a portrait of the often anonymous (but amazingly talented) young guns and old veterans who earn their living as studio musicians and engineers, as they face off against these new challenges.  The movie gives fan and pro alike a look at the groundbreaking new technologies and effects used in making music, and how they can (and can't) be brought into harmony with making music the old-fashioned way.

Produced by musician-filmmakers Scott Stoltz (of SCS Studio Filmz) and director Justin Fisher, RECORDING IN PROGRESS feels like the labor of love that it was.  The movie features compelling insights and interviews from top veterans like Steve Albini (engineer for Nirvana and The Pixies), Vance Powell (engineer for Chris Stapleton and Jack White), Steve Lillywhite (producer for U2, Peter Gabriel, 30 Seconds to Mars), and star musicians like Richard Fortus (Guns ‘N Roses).  

Jeff Porter, President of Porter Pictures, one of Beverly Hills and Hollywood's leading indie film sales agencies, says that.  “After watching Recording and Progress and speaking with Scott and Justin, I could feel their passion and drive behind the film. I immediately knew it was one we had to have and get into the marketplace for a global audience to enjoy.”

The movie had special meaning for Jeff, as he helped found the Center for Music and Film development at his alma mater, the University of Nevada at Las Vegas's school of film and TV.  

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