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Ireland Picks Porter Pictures' newest feature film "Arracht" As Official Oscar Selection

On Nov. 23rd, Variety just broke the news that director Tom Sullivan's historical drama ARRACHT is Ireland's official entry for this year's Academy Award as Best International Feature. The gripping high-seas action drama is set on the eve of the horrific Irish Potato Famine of the mid-19th century, and revolves around a fearless young fisherman with a limitless endurance for pain and hard labor, a manipulative priest with his own past, and a mysterious young girl.

The independently produced “ARRACHT” has already won two Irish Academy Awards at this year's IFTA virtual ceremony. Featuring gripping performances by Irish film and theatre actors like Donall O'Healai, Michael McElhatton, Dara Devaney, and introducing Saise Ni Chuinn. The film was written and directed by Tom Sullivan and produced by Cuan Mac Conghail.

Porter Pictures, one of Beverly Hills' leading voices in independent film and TV sales, is representing the film in the US and Canada and much of the international market. President and CEO Jeff Porter states: “I am delighted that this great film is getting the recognition it deserves. It was a beautifully shot masterpiece that I was personally delighted to find, and more delighted to represent. “

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