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Porter Pictures closes new deal for Triple-Crossing Mob Thriller “Circle”

For Immediate Release: Highly anticipated feature film “Circle” directed by Bekir Kulozu, is set to be released September 28th, in the US on DVD, and all major digital Video on Demand platforms. With the Mob bosses getting ready for their monthly big poker game, several different individuals all dealing with their own issues at hand, set out to Rob either for Money or Revenge! The pizza delivery man has American dreams, but struggles each day to make a buck; Dead Cartel’s brother vows to get revenge on the Italians; A Father’s daughter is suffering from a rare disease. The cure is a risky trial surgery that her insurance won't cover. How will he come up with the money?

On top of that, there are sexy strippers and their house mom looking for a big break; Mob boss Sal’s gay son tired of being a disgrace and seeking to prove a point; even the organizer of the game Marco teaming up with some black gangsters all seeking their big break and opportunity. With so many targeting the big poker game can these 8 mob bosses make it, and will they have some tricks up their sleeve as well? “Circle is certainly full of thrills and intended on keeping the audience entertained." Telly Davidson of Porter Pictures states: "Bringing CIRCLE to its release was one of the toughest but most impactful journeys we've been on here at Porter Pictures. The movie's tight-knit team were 'in it to win it' no matter what the challenge, always rose to the occasion, and always fought for what was best for their film and vision. I'm delighted their hard work and dedication is finally getting the rightful reward."

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