Since connecting with Jeff Porter and his team at Porter Pictures, it has been an amazing journey to get my film into distribution.  They are indeed industry professionals, with an honest work ethic and actually do look out for your best interest.  They clearly understand the distribution process and always make themselves available while responding quickly to any questions I had, or getting information to me.  Our conference calls were always on point.  As an independent filmmaker, it’s difficult for us to get the exposure we need but thanks to Jeff and his team, this will happen with Plus Entertainment, Inc.   






                                                  Jeanine Chait ~ Creator/Writer/Producer of Atlanta HEAT 1 and 2

Working with Porter Pictures, made getting distribution an easy process.  Film-making is a tough enough venture, so this is not to say they solved all of my problems, but they have made the journey much easier. I know now that I am supported by the Porter Pictures team and am happy to connect with like minds. Working with industry professionals like Jeff and his team allowed me to learn about the distribution end of this business much faster. I am happy to know that I have people to call on when I am in need of guidance or information. It’s hard to believe how available they actually were for filmmakers. As an independent filmmaker this meant the world to me, so thank you Jeff and the Porter Pictures Team!

“For Independent film makers I say Porter Pictures is the company to work with.”


                                                                          Christopher Dorrah ~ Interludes/Producer

"In one of those life gift moments Jeff Porter and his crew sought out my first feature length film. In doing so they were tenacious. Honestly I was surprised that they wanted my film but when I asked "Why this film", Jeff answered me in such a way that told me he understood the work and all of its idiosyncrasies and believed in its potential. Jeff took the film and in a matter of just Months secured a deal that I feel will be great not only for the film but also for my future as a director."


Thank You for everything Porter Pictures Team!                                                                                                  7/2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Melissa Howden -- "Be Home Soon"


Being first time feature-film makers with a young production company, we knew little about the distribution aspect of making a film! However, after working with Jeff Porter who believed in our film and it's potential, we have signed a contract for both International and domestic distribution within two months, which has made it possible for our film to be seen by an international audience, while also making some money back. We never would have imagined this could be possible, let alone happen so quickly! We are extremely grateful for Jeff and the rest of the team. Brilliant, professional people. Thank you!

                                                                              Ella Jane New -- The Global Village Project


Jeff Porter has been my contact with O&C concerning the film Harisma. From the beginning Jeff has been very helpful and has addressed very quickly all the issues that may have occurred. I was very impressed with his interest and knowledge on the film and his business, giving me the impression that he knows it very well. We have come to an agreement with a distribution Company, Panorama, only a few months after Ostrow took on the film which is much earlier than I expected.



                                                                               Christina Ioakimidi -- Producer - Harisma

Our Rep, Jeff Porter, met with us for a strategy session and quickly sought out great interest in our movie just weeks after we signed with O&C. It is evident now that even our most aggressive grassroots efforts to find distribution on our own would have taken far too long and may have been for naught. After three months working closely with Jeff and Page, they landed a deal with Starz Entertainment and retained our rights for further distribution. And the support continues.
One of the most impressive elements in this firm is the full, direct access to our representatives. Every time I contact Jeff, he is available to talk and answer questions. He continues to be a tremendous guide through the often convoluted distribution process, notifying us of additional avenues and offers.


                                                                   Ben Lemoine -- Producer/Director, The Experiment


Working with O&C has been fantastic. Not only are they supportive, dedicated, well-connected in the business and always available whenever I have a question, but they got us a worldwide distribution deal with a top company in less than 3 months. The results speak for themselves! Paige, Jeff and the whole team are so wonderful and I'm beyond thrilled my team, now includes them.

                                                                                    India Irving -- Producer - Monte Reve


Jeff Porter and the Ostrow team found a distributor for us within DAYS of signing with Ostrow. As independent filmmakers, we had prepared ourselves for distribution to be a long and tedious process. When Jeff called us to tell us they had locked in the terms we had asked for, we were in shock. The Ostrow team has the knowledge, resources and the contacts necessary not only find a distributor for a film but to find the right distributor for each film it takes on. Thank you to Page, Jeff and the Ostrow team!


                                                                                      Jessica Baker -- Exploder


My day-to-day dealings were generally with Jeff Porter and, like all the communications I had with Ostrow's team, they were prompt, polite and encouraging. 


                                Alyson Drysdale  -- Executive Producer and Screenwriter - RAIN DOWN 


Hi Everyone At O&C!

Just wanted to say another BIG Thank You, Jeff Porter for coming to do the panel with me on Tuesday night. You were fantastic. I got such amazing feedback from tons of people. Your honest information and incredible advice and wisdom was amazing. A major contribution to everyone there!!!

                                                                                        Suzanne --


“Working with Jeff Porter has been terrific and the regular conversations we have had with him from the other side of the world clarified many of the doubts and anxieties we had. We signed up after borrowing money from friends and family, who all were primed that it could be a losing gamble. Five months down the track, we were presented with our first deal, then a few weeks later, another came through with a different distribution company.”

                                         Andrea Bosshard & Shane Loader -- Taking the Wae Wae Express


I Spent about a year trying to find distribution for my film with very little luck, so I decided to try another route. I contacted O&C.

Within 3 weeks of receiving all my materials and the screener, O&C had a worldwide distribution deal waiting from me in my emails. Three weeks! You can't ask for better than that.

Once the deal was in place, Jeff Porter, my contact at Ostrow, walked me through all the steps needed to get the film ready for distribution. It was a very smooth and painless process.



                                                                               Kirk Loudon -- Forward/Slash


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