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Atlanta Heat.jpg

Jeanine Chalt


Atlanta Heat - 1&2

Since connecting with Jeff Porter and his team at Porter Pictures, it has been an amazing journey to get my film into distribution. they are indeed industry professionals, with an honest work ethic and actually do look out for your best interest.  They clearly understand the distribution process and always make themselves available while responding quickly to any questions I had, or getting information to me.  Our conference calls were always on point.  As an independent filmmaker, it's difficult for us to get the exposure we need but thanks to Jeff and his team this will happen with Plus Entertainment, Inc.

untouchable children of god.jpg

Grant Knisely


Untouchable Children of God

The one thing I appreciate most about Jeff Porter and the Porter Pictures team is that you can always count on a candid and professional conversation.  Most distribution companies are only concerned with making money. Porter Pictures is genuinely concerned about quality story-telling and developing long-term relationships with filmmakers and content producers. I've been impressed with their network of distribution contacts and we were delighted to sell our first feature documentary film to Discovery Communications LLC. If you want an honest, hard working distribution partner who has your best interest at heart, I recommend Porter Pictures.

the global village project.jpg

Ella Jane New

Executive Producer

The Global Village Project

Being first time feature-film makers with a young production company, we knew little about the distribution aspect of making a film!  However, after working with Jeff Porter who believed in our film and it's potential, we have signed a contract for both international and domestic distribution within two months, which has made it possible for our film to be seen by an international audience, while also making some money back.  We never would have imagined this could be possible, let alone happen so quickly!  We are extremely grateful for jeff and the rest of the team.  Brilliant, professional people.  Thank you!


Christopher Dorrah



Working with Porter Pictures, made getting distribution an easy process.  Film-making is a tough enough venture, so this is not to say they solved all of my problems, but they have made the journey much easier.  I know now that I am supported by the Porter Pictures team and I'm happy to connect with like minds.  Working with industry professionals like Jeff and his team allowed me to learn about the distribution end of this business much faster.  I am happy to know I have people to call on when I am in need of guidance or information.  It's hard to believe how available they actually were for filmmakers.  As an independent filmmaker this meant the world to me, so thank you Jeff and the Porter Pictures Team!  Fro Independent filmmakers I say Porter Pictures is the company to work with.


Jeff & Maria Bazile


Love N Success

We met Jeff Porter (Porter Pictures) early 2014 and unknown to us at the time, we found a gold nugget alongside a rock filled mountain.  We selected Jeff as the means of distribution for our feature film “Love N Success”.  He worked relentlessly to ensure he secured the deal WE wanted.  His relentless efforts and dedication to our project secured domestic and international distribution deals. Jeff Porter’s work ethic, honesty and loyalty is a rare find.  We always seek to build long lasting and honest relationships.  We found that in Jeff Porter (Porter Pictures) and it has opened multiple doors for partnership between us. My advice to any filmmaker who wants to take their project to the next level through distribution or production is to contact Jeff Porter.  There is no amount of money invested that can compare to the positive outcome Jeff can and will secure for YOU.


Lorenzo Scalzo


Hi Jeff, I hadn't had the chance to say congratulations to you during the Las Vegas global film fest for your masterclass. It was very useful. I'm a freshman in this buisness and no one ever told me about how to find the money to support my projects in a practical way. And I did it! So thanks again!

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