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Female Director Jamelle Williams-Thomas’s Newest Feature, “Water In A Broken Glass” Now Available

For Immediate Release:

In her well-timed directorial debut, the talented new African-American female director Jamelle Williams-Thomas introduces the world to her thought provoking drama, “Water in a Broken Glass”. This sexy, romantic, and intriguing film is due to be released on DVD and all major digital Video on Demand platforms in the US and Canada on September 28th.

Based on the award-winning novel by Odessa Rose, after many years of re-writes, production obstacles, and crew challenges, Jamelle weathered the storm to bring this great story to the big screen.

Tonya Mimms, played brilliantly by actress Billie Krishawn, is a successful artist who feels firm in her footing on her rise to fame in the intellectual and art world -- until her ascent is challenged in the most unexpected ways. While meandering through the throes of a love triangle between a charismatic man and a stunningly beautiful woman, Tonya is forced to come to terms with herself, both as an artist and a woman.

The film also stars award-winning actress Victoria Rowell (“Dumb & Dumber”, "The Young and The Restless"), Candice Dillard and Carlyncia S. Peck, who all give amazing onscreen performances in this novel adaptation.

Telly Davidson of Porter Pictures states: "We knew right off that a movie that's scintillatingly sexy yet tasteful, artistic yet entertaining, and featured a hot young cast backed by proven talent like 'Diagnosis Murder' and 'Young & Restless' icon Victoria Rowell and author Odessa Rose just couldn't lose. And now it's poised to win big, across multiple platforms."

Porter Pictures was founded in September of 2012 by veteran film sales agent Jeff Porter, who teamed with Gravitas Ventures to release this great title to the US and Canada.


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