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Porter Pictures partners with Gravitas Ventures to release 9 new films

For Immediate Release:

Jeff Porter, President of Porter Pictures, one of Beverly Hills' leading indie sales and producer services agencies, recently closed a multi-picture distribution deal with Gravitas Ventures.  This deal will incorporate 9 new feature and documentary films from the Porter Pictures Library.  

These exciting titles include both scripted narrative and documentary films, featuring diverse casts and subjects that couldn't be more timely for today. 

These titles include the international festival award-winning indie “I WROTE THIS FOR YOU”, starring hot up-and-comer Brennan Keel Cook as a sexy Hollywood Blvd. waiter by night and a lost-in-dreamland young poet by day, alongside veteran fave Michael Badalucco.  "Breaking Bad's" Charles Baker and "Liar Liar's" Krista Allen play the galaxy's oddest co-parenting couple in the out-of-this-world alien abduction comedy “ELEVEN-ELEVEN”.  And going from sublime character comedy to the grit of the streets, Porter and Gravitas come full “CIRCLE” -- a high stakes, double-and-triple-crossing gamble where doctors, mobsters, corrupt cops, and the women in their lives never know who's "playing" who.

With this year's stay-at-home graduations, few movies capture today's mood more than the touching and funny, painful and empowering adventures of “SUBURBAN WILDLIFE”, where a fantastic cast of Gen-Z Aussie college girls are about to start their lives in the real world.  A different kind of culture shock comes “WHEN ICARUS FELL”, a thoughtful and beyond-timely drama about a Red State town on its way down, while Latino immigrants are coming to try and make their way up.  And then there's the drama of a very different kind of love triangle, in the emotional, artistic, and scintillatingly sexy African-American romance drama, “WATER IN A BROKEN GLASS”, based on the acclaimed Odessa Rose novel.

The themes of racial diversity and conflict continue with the award-winning, devastating documentary “The 600”, a heartrending look at the 1993-94 Rwandan Genocide and the country's rebirth and aftermath -- from the people who were there and survived it.  (“The 600” was produced by EMMY-winning TV and indie film veteran Richard Hall -- "The Amazing Race", "Animal ER", "Tough Love", "Half-Life" -- who is himself the son of Hollywood icon Monty Hall.)  And another documentary combines two cultures with “BLAXPLO-ITALIAN”, a fascinating look at a century of Blackness in iconic Italian cinema.

And for music fans (and who isn't?), we join “RECORDING IN PROGRESS”, the most up-to-the-minute and cutting edge documentary of the studio musician scene since "The Wrecking Crew" and "Standing in the Shadows of Motown"

Gravitas Ventures is a film distribution company founded by Nolan Gallagher in 2006 to aggregate entertainment content for worldwide distribution via cable, satellite, Telco and the internet. Content represented by Gravitas Ventures includes feature length narrative and documentary films. Gravitas' partners include Amazon, AT&T, Comcast, Cox Cable, DirecTV, DISH, Google, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Vudu and Xbox.  Gravitas’ manager of acquisitions Nick Royak negotiated the deal with Jeff Porter on behalf of the filmmakers.

Porter Pictures was founded in September of 2012 by veteran Producer and film sales agent Jeff Porter, after his many years of experience in indie film sales and cable syndication.  Porter Pictures is also one of the only African-American headed sales agencies in Hollywood, with a roster of films not only from the US and Canada, but from the best in indie world cinema.  Jeff has worked on over 100 features, documentaries, and TV formats, with stars like Mark Wahlberg, Jon Favreau, Lynn Whitfield, Keith David, Angela Bassett, and has placed numerous films with networks and companies such as Discovery, HBO, Gravitas, RLJ, Netflix, BET and more.  Jeff has been sought out as an industry expert and speaker by numerous film festivals and professional organizations across the globe.

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