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Porter Pictures locks in new deal with UrbanFlix to premiere feature film “Broken Rose”

For Immediate Release:

Jeff Porter president of Porter Pictures, recently closes deal with new streaming platform Urban Flix to premiere the dark emotional drama “The Broken Rose” directed by Mathew McClelland, written by Tyrone Dangerfield & William Uschold.

“Broken Rose” is a tragic story in which a young girl falls in love with a man who becomes her abuser, the film explores the plight of Rose(Jazmin Mone’e Brehaut), a product of the foster care system, looking for real love. Director Matt McClelland, highlights the broken spirits of both the young men and women who are raised by the government and the ways in which they choose to express their love, once they reach adulthood. “Shaka” played by actor (Evan Joelle), portrays a charismatic yet traumatized young Black male, who preys on the longing and hurt of young women by showing them love and then turning them towards a life of sexual exploitation. These women, being eager to please, allow the relationship to go to limits far beyond their own willingness. Along the way, Rose meets other young girls like herself as well as men who wish to save her from the life Shaka has exposed her to. This beautiful tale shows the strength of resilience that many marginalized young women must go through to reach the other side and find true love. 

“Jazmin gave the audience an unbelievable performance in this film and should be recognized for doing so”, says Porter Pictures president Jeff Porter “I am very happy to align this film with UrbanFlix, and support the new platform that Herb Kimble has created to showcase these amazing movies.”

UrbanFlix is committed to original stories that make us think, laugh and cry, tapping into the universal human emotions that touch all of us. We believe in creating content not just for some of us, but for all of us,” said UrbanFlix founder Herb Kimble.

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