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Porter Pictures Does New Deal for Hilarious Sci-Fi Feature Film "Eleven Eleven"

For Immediate Release:

Every high school or college kid thinks that their parents came from another planet -- but what if it were actually true?  

That's the premise of the side-splitting, touching, and fun new fantasy ELEVEN-ELEVEN, a film that was space engineered for the sci-fi geek in all of us. This astronomical comedy is now available on multiplatforms from Gravitas Ventures.

"Breaking Bad's" Charles Baker stars as an adorkably nerdy Arizona suburban dad and UFO enthusiast named Tim Faris, who gives guided tours of "contact" points in the Sedona desert, while being an active member of Abductees Anonymous.

That's because years ago, a young Tim had out-of-this-world sex with a gorgeous alien named Andromeda.  And now, after 15 years, Andromeda is coming on down for a return visit!   Played by "Baywatch" and indie/cable vet Krista Allen, the intelligent and indomitable Andromeda is the sassiest and sexiest alien on this side of the moon -- and threatens to photon-torpedo Tim's stable family life!

Written and directed by Chris Redish and produced by Maggie Viale and Joe Gruberman, ELEVEN ELEVEN packed houses and won numerous separate awards on the festival circuit, from Hollywood to Portland to INDIEFest

Jeff Porter, President of Porter Pictures, one of Beverly Hills' leading indie film sales and producer services agencies, knew he had a winner the first time he saw the film, and was thrilled to partner with Gravitas on its distribution and release. 

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