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Porter Pictures closes North American deal for new feature film “I Wrote This For You”

For Immediate Release:

Jeff Porter, inks deal with Gravitas ventures to release new feature film “I Wrote this For You” Directed by Jason Zavaleta, written by Breennan Keel Cook and Produced by Matt Stoner. This comedy/drama is currently available across all digital platforms in the United States and Canada.

Melancholy and heartbreak. Follow Hunter, a young waiter, played by actor Brennan Keel Cook as he traverses the Los Angeles scene and finds slam poetry as an outlet for his failed romantic relationship. With a constant barrage of images that plague and remind him of his ex Ariana, played by actress Melise, Hunter is summoned by his long time friend Darius (Patrick R. Walker) to use slam poetry as a tool to overcome the pain from his lost love. Along the way, he encounters characters who not only add some comedic relief and levity to his lonely soul but he also finds a few eccentric characters that spice up the daily monotony of his lackluster life. Writer Brennan Keel Cook truly opens our minds and hearts to love and heartbreak from the young male perspective.  I WROTE THIS FOR YOU, incorporates the brilliance and passion of slam poetry brought to us from famous poet Jasmine Williams, into the soundtrack of the film itself, allowing for the audience to experience Hunter’s pain, growth and resurgence from their own personal Point of View.

Jeff Porter is the founder and president of Porter Pictures, Producers servicing house specializing in film production, representation, financing, distribution, and marketing. The company also focuses on management, talent consultation, contract review, music rights acquisition, and pre-production needs from casting to script coverage and consultation.  Porter Pictures postures itself as a champion for the producers, filmmakers, distributors, and financiers it works with.

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