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Porter Pictures closes new deal for Award winning Rwandan Genocide doc. “The 600: A Soldiers Tell"

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

For Immediate Release:

The feature documentary “The 600: A Soldiers Tell,” is accentuated by a score that emphasizes the extremities of the plight of the 3rd Battalion in the Rwandan Patriotic Army.  The documentary shows the true gritty circumstances that befell brave soldiers behind enemy lines during the horrific 1994 Rwandan Genocide. EMMY-winning TV and indie film veteran Director/Producer Richard Hall -- "The Amazing Race", "Animal ER", "Tough Love", "Half-Life" -- who is himself the son of Hollywood icon Monty Hall, uses original film and photos to highlight the extraordinary bravery of this group of men. While tasked with the overwhelming responsibility of fighting government officials as well as armed militia with numbers that far exceeded their small population, these men faced what seemed to be insurmountable odds. Through the pain of seeing members of their families and community being slaughtered along with the fortitude to fight for and save the lives of other civilians, “The 600”, documents the perseverance of men rising to meet the true call of human decency. 

Jeff Porter quotes “Working with industry veteran Richard Hall, has been such a great experience. He is very knowledgeable regarding the industry and has an enormous passion and love towards filmmaking. His passion in telling this tragic story, with detailed reenactments, true survivor testimony, and amazing production value, gives this film all it need to ensure that it touches the hearts of all that watch it.

Porter Pictures was founded in September of 2012 by veteran film sales agent Jeff Porter, after many years of experience in indie film sales and cable syndication.  Porter Pictures is also one of the only African-American headed sales agencies in Hollywood, with a roster of films not only from the US and Canada, but from the best in indie world cinema.  Jeff has worked on over 100 features, documentaries, and TV formats, with stars like Mark Wahlberg, Jon Favreau, Lynn Whitfield, Keith David, Angela Bassett, and has placed numerous films on Discovery, HBO, Gravitas, RLJ Networks, and BET.  Jeff has been sought out as an industry expert and speaker by numerous film festivals and professional organizations across the globe.

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