• Telly Davidon

Porter Pictures hosts Red Carpet premiere for new film "Making Moves"


az Brothers newest feature "Making Moves" directed by: Jeff Bazile, starring Sean Baker, LaKeta Booker, is set to have its Red (blue) carpet premiere this past weekend in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada at the new Luxury movie theater the "Eclipse". The event was invite only and the cast and crew were all in attendance taking pictures and answering questions about the new production. Some of Vegas's who's who were in attendance to support the new independent production.

"Making Moves" is about Que, a military veteran, was raised in the mean streets of New York. He has a job that provides him with financial security and is in a loving relationship with Angela, his girlfriend of 3 years. It appears the couple is headed for marital bliss until Que announces that he has decided to give up everything and follow his dreams. Unable to see the vision, Angela gives him an ultimatum that severs their beautiful union. So with his belongings in tow, Que leaves his girl, a lucrative career, his family and friends and moves to another state to pursue his dream. Que quickly finds out that following his dreams isn't easy and the outcome isn't immediate. After several failed attempts, Que is approached by an old friend with an opportunity that has the potential to turn his life around. Can Que stay strong in pursuit of his dream or has this new opportunity caused too much of a risk and deferred his dreams for good?

Film soon to be released across the United States.



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