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Jeff Porter works deal with Turn Key Films for new Feature Film!

For Immediate Release:

Beverly Hills, CA June 2016 – Jeff Porter, president of Porter Pictures, recently closed a world-wide distribution deal for new feature film “But Not For Me” with film distribution company Turn Key Films. Turn Key with its home office in Pittsburgh, PA eagerly sought out the Carmichael film with great interest. Looking to take advantage of the many domestic and international opportunities for the film, Turn Key had a unique strategy already in place for the film’s release.

“But Not For Me” a comedy drama based in New York directed by Ryan Carmichael, and Produced by Jason Stefaniak. Is a film about the search for fulfillment through artistic expression, the lines we draw as we struggle to define ourselves, and the underlying truths that ultimately connect us all. Carmichael shows us how music and freedom of expression can unite all from different walks of life. The film showcasing an all new original soundtrack blends a hip hop and classical tone together in a unique way giving the audience an all-around great show.

“We felt that Turn Key had the best strategy in place at the time to really exploit But Not For Me with its world audience. They connected with the other producers of the film and really understood who our core audience was.” states Jeff Porter of Porter Pictures.

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