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Untouchable: Children of God goes to MIPdoc's

With the MIPDoc conference underway, Porter Pictures's Documentary film "Untouchable: Children of God" directed by Grant Knisley wil be ready and available for world sales. The documentary film will be located in the Discovery Communication booth where we anticipate a great response from the world market.

MIPDoc's is an event which takes place annually in Cannes, using the facilities and infrastructure which the town has developed over the years to host other important events such as the Cannes Film Festival amongst other events. It is essentially a content market for co-producing, buying, selling, financing and distributing entertainment content. It provides the people involved in the TV, film, digital and audiovisual content, production and distribution industry a market conference and networking forum to discover future trends and trade content rights on a global level.

In the brothels of India, young girls perish every day. A mere 1% of these

sex slaves ever escape or get rescued. The majority of these slaves come

from the Untouchable castes of Nepal and India and are frequently sold and

trafficked by their own family. Look into the eyes of young survivors as they

share their stories, and you will be touched by the Untouchables. CodeRed Films truly

get you up close and personal with some of the escaped 1%.




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