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Jeff Porter aligns "The North Star" with RLJ Entertainment

Jeff Porter aligns The North Star with RLJ Entertainment

For Immediate Release:

Jeff Porter President of Porter Pictures recently closed a North American distribution deal with RLJ Entertainment for Slavery Drama “The North Star”. "'The North Star' written and directed by Thomas K. Phillips is the story of Benjamin 'Big Ben' Jones (Jeremiah Trotter) and Moses Hopkins (Thomas C. Bartley Jr.), two slaves who escaped from a Virginia plantation and made their way to freedom in Buckingham, Pennsylvania in 1849. 'The North Star' tells an uplifting and inspiring story of people from different races and backgrounds coming together to triumph over slavery."

RLJ Entertainment, Inc. is a premier independent owner, developer, licensee, and distributor of entertainment content and programming in primarily North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. RLJE is a leader in numerous genres including feature films and urban with distinct content viaits owned and distributed brands such as Acorn (British TV), Acacia (fitness),Athena (documentaries), and Madacy (gift sets). These titles are distributed in multiple formats including broadcast television (including satellite and cable), theatrical and non-theatrical, DVD, Blu-Ray, digital download, and digital streaming.

LuckPig Studios, the production company for the film

will release the film in theaters in September 2015, beginning its run in Philadelphia, where the movie was filmed, then after RLJ Entertainment plans on releasing the film on all other platform early 2016.

In addition to Trotter and Bartley, cast members for "The North Star" include Clifton Powell, Lynn Whitfield, John Diehl, Keith David, Christopher Mann, and April Woodall.



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