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Jeff Porter Partners with the Las Vegas Black Film Festival

Jeff Porter Partners with Las Vegas Black Film Festival

For Immediate Release:

Porter Pictures was honored to help present the Second Annual 'Las Vegas Black Film Festival’ in what is inarguably the Entertainment Capital of the World (Las Vegas). They Feature upscale entertainment and exclusive social events to complete an uncharted festival experience.

The Las Vegas Black Film Festival attracts A-list Artists, Directors, Industry Executives, Studios and film fans, which represent all platforms from around the world. Founded in 2014 by legendary publicist, playwright, and filmmaker Ms. Michelle (Payne), the “First Lady of Black Gospel Theatre,” the Las Vegas Black Film Festival has been held to great acclaim and success rs at the fun and glamorous Suncoast Resort and Casino.

Jeff was “truly honored” to have Porter Pictures participate in the growing Festival’s success. His Independent Film Distribution Workshop was a key part of the event, giving valuable instruction on taking advantage of today’s diverse marketplace and giving key tips to rising filmmakers of color on career-building and financial issues.

LVBFF’s inaugural year in 2014 far surpassed expectations, and its 2015 season was an even bigger success -- it was described as “phenomenal” by the Examiner, and received love-letter coverage from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. It’s poised to enter 2016 with even more success, and Jeff looks forward to being a part of it.

With groundbreaking diversity at its core, the festival supports aspiring filmmakers, actors, and industry executives in unique ways. In addition to its cinematic showcases, the LVBFF has built a unique confidence with its attendees in a variety of disciplines, offering workshops, talent competitions, panel discussions, symposiums and seminars.

Jeff states, “Ms. Michelle (Founder of LVBFF) has done great work in establishing and building an amazing festival, that I believe in due time will grow to be one of the largest and most prestigious film festivals around the globe.”



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