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Jeff Porter of Porter Pictures Addresses False Rip Off Report

Jeff Porter of Porter Pictures addresses false Ripoff Report

"It would be tempting to just ignore the malicious and untrue anonymous 'reports' that have surfaced online about our company, but for the fact that they can (understandably) cause questions we wanted to personally address the matter. We at Porter Pictures practice honest and fair business models with our clients, employees, and associates. With today’s freedom of any anonymous party having the ability to slander an individual and or company online without restriction is very unfortunate, but we are going through the necessary steps and measures to locate and prosecute the guilty parties.

All negative reports listed about Jeff Porter and Porter Pictures are anonymous -- featuring poor grammar, hysterical and baseless accusations -- and they never mention ANY films or instances of so-called 'misrepresentation' by name. "Three malicious reports were submitted back-to-back within days of each other -- using the exact same wording and enunciation, and again, without one solid shred of proof."

Porter sadly concludes, "It would appear that someone, perhaps a competitor with an axe to grind is trying to "rip off" the good name of Ripoff Report & Porter Pictures by making worthless ad harmful attacks against me and my team without a shred of proof -- because of course, there is none." Indeed, in just the past six months alone, Porter Pictures has closed lucrative deals with a variety of different companies And that's a proven fact!

-- Thank You, Telly Davidson Submissions Department Porter Pictures

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