We are able to provide a large range of marketing services for our clients ranging from but not limited to:


We will place your product in the center of the most visited online social systems

1. Create project specific Facebook page **
2. Create project specific Twitter account **
3. Create project specific YouTube account **
4. Create project specific Pinterest account With backlinks** **
5. Create project specific Instagram account **
6. Create project specific five page website **
7. Create project specific blog **
8. Create a project specific promotional android application **
9. Create a project specific promotional iPhone application **
10. Major Video Placement (Hulu, Vimeo, Vevo, ect)
11.IMDB listing
12. Online film website listing

**(Project Specific-setup to promote a specific project

* Increase Twitter followers by up to 100,000
* Increase YouTube video views by up to 100,000
* Increase Facebook fans by up to 100,000
* Increase Pinterest pins by up to 10,000
* increase Instagram followers by up to 5000
* Increase Alexa rating on webpage by up to 1 million ranking
* Populate blog page with recurring  RSS traffic to help increase website rating

Designed to help expose the product to the masses

1. Create press release for branded products (DVDs, CDs, web pay-per-view channel)
2. Promote press release to over 500 publications, media outlets, blog sites, search engines.
3. Promote 30 – 60 sec trailer to top 5 video media sites online
4. Promote once a week for 90 days to Facebook fans
5. Promote once a week for 90 days to Twitter followers
6. Promote image link to Pinterest Boards

Module for further exposes you via online television, webzines and radio

Set up total of 24 phone  interviews (2 a week) with :

* online radio stations
* webzines
* virtual radio/tv stations
* podcasts
to promote the product to millions of listeners over 90 day campaign.

Creating a new Profit System in the virtual world

*virtual storefront
Create a virtual world storefront for the purpose of selling products in the virtual world

----monthly or annual subscriptions apply based on build----

***** virtual world pricings vary upon demand


Social management
Social management includes maintaining all social network sites that we have established on a monthly basis.


Porter Pictures, as a Producer's services house, specializes in the areas of; producer representation, distribution & marketing, film financing, project consultation, talent and intellectual property management, production, contract review, and music and film rights.


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